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Think about the nation you grew up in, the place where you work, your family or your favorite coffee house; each one has it’s own culture. The question then is; What is the culture at GodFirst? What does the culture feel like here? What do we want it to be like?

This series takes us through the kind of culture we are aiming for at GodFirst – not just any culture, but a Kingdom of God culture.

 • Introduction – Duncan Lee [Listen]

• Freedom
* Are there any areas where you don’t feel free ?
* How are you at being free from the performance trap and needing people’s approval ?
* What would you like to do this week/month/year for God, that you have not done before ?

Part 1 – Foundations for Freedom: Duncan Lee [Listen]
Part 2 – Privileges of Freedom: Morné Smit [Listen]
Part 3 – Freedom and Sin: Duncan Lee

• Faith
* How have you been exercising faith recently ?
* What risks have you taken this week for God ?
* Remember:- “Risk over Success”. Even if you don’t succeed, at least you had a go.

Part 1 – Duncan Lee [Listen]
Part 2 – Morné Smit: [Listen]

• Honour
* How are you living a life that honours God, yourself and others ?
* Do you believe what God says about you as a son/daughter of the King ?

Part 1 – Duncan Lee: [Listen]
Part 2 – Morné Smit: [Listen]
Part 3 – Duncan Lee: [Listen]

• Authenticity
* Is there anything stopping you being authentic/real, eg: guilt, shame or fear ?
* Where, and with whom have you found it most challenging to be authentic ?

Part 1 – Morné Smit: [Listen]
Part 2 – Duncan Lee: [Listen]

• Generosity
* What does ‘no strings attached’ generosity look like for you this week/month/year ?

Part 1 – Morné Smit: [Listen]
Part 2 – Duncan Lee: 20th July


Throughout the series, a number of short “shed session” videos will be made available, outlining what we are aiming towards with regards our Kingdom Purposes and Culture.

Culture – An Introduction


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