An Introduction

Have you ever had a dream so strong and so powerful that it has shaped your life? Or perhaps you dreamed of doing or being something and it never quite happened the way you saw it in your dream.

When I was 6, I dreamed of being a professional footballer – it’s all I ever wanted! That dream never materialised but I do know this: dreams are incredibly powerful things.

When I was about 24 God dropped a dream in my heart, a dream that seemed so outrageous and so out of reach that it was almost too scary to think about.

It was a dream that so captivated me that in the end I knew God was asking me to give my life to seeing it happen.

It is the dream of being part of:
– A church that is transforming the community
– A church that brings hope to the hopeless
– A church that helps people practically
– A church that sees people freed up to live life to the full
– A church that is full of life and laughter and fun
– A church that is about being a community, a family, not attending meetings
– A church that demonstrates the power Jesus has to heal the sick.
– A church that is 24/7 loving, caring and serving this community with one aim – to introduce people to Jesus and the hope that He offers.

No one, including Jesus, wants crusty, dusty, stuffy dead religion – my dream is to be in a church that reflects the real Jesus, the real heart of Christianity to a world that is crying out for answers and hope and very often a miracle.

Let me invite you to connect to GodFirst.  We call ourselves that because the dream is only possible as we put God FIRST.  You could start by joining us on a Sunday. We meet every Sunday, at two venues 10am  at Highcliffe Day Centre, and 11am at the Regent Centre.  We are a lively church gathering over 250 people of all age groups and walks of life but with one BIG thing in common: We love Jesus. Our services are family friendly, informal and fun and you are welcome to join us. To find out more click here.

Duncan Lee (Lead Elder)

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