Momentum PowerPoint title 16-9

Momentum > Kingdom Deep Kingdom Wide

Momentum is our new preaching series and will revisit the Kingdom Purposes and Kingdom Culture that we are pursuing as a church.  Having just launched into multi-site we are looking for multiplied momentum so that we see the good news of Jesus spread faster and further.  Clarity about our purpose and culture is vital to this. At GodFirst we want to take the Kingdom of God deeper into our own hearts so that it can go wider into the community with greater momentum.  Transformation of the world around us will only happen to the extent that God has transformed the world inside us.  We need God’s momentum on our lives so that we go deep with our relationship with Him and then carry that wide to the community around us. We are believing for fresh Kingdom of God momentum at this time and so listen and allow God to touch your head and heart and let’s believe that nothing is impossible with God!