Next Steps Strategy

‘ To be a Transformed People who Transform the World’

GodFirst - The next steps of our journey together

Where have we been?

30+ years ago an incredible adventure started when a small group of courageous believers spurred on by the expectation that there was so much more to press for. Decided to move out of the church that they were in, took a stand, risked everything but were convinced that God was with them and where they were going would be worth it. Through that growing band of pioneering men and women the Kingdom of God did advance, resulting in salvations, church plants, justice, joy, healing, freedom, hope and so much more. Impacting to the surrounding area and the nations.

Where are we going?

Today we can stand on their shoulders with a thankful heart and once again we can hear the voice of God telling us that there is so much more. Moving forwards requires new thinking and new activity. There are no well-worn paths where we are going. The next part of the journey is before us. God has given us an extraordinary vision and spoken huge promises over us as a people. This adventure is rooted in Him. We are partnering with the living God to see His promises live and more of the Kingdom of God coming! The day for courage and courageous decisions is still here. To cross over into a new land or to climb the mountain takes single-minded commitment to King Jesus, the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, unwavering trust in God, strong teamwork and careful planning and navigation.

Where are we at on the journey?

We have journeyed part way up the mountain and have already seen some amazing things which we can be so thankful for:

  • Father Heart message - Displayed and released.
  • Identity - helping believers know who they are in Christ.
  • Kingdom Culture - Equipping and releasing people to express Heaven on earth.
  • Building a church on the foundation of The Kingdom Culture of faith, freedom, authenticity, honour and generosity.
  • Miraculous breakthroughs.
  • Equipping the wider body of Christ (Academy of Supernatural. Transformation and the Father Heart Conferences etc).

The VISION paints a picture of WHERE we are going.

The STRATEGY is the practical way we will bring the vision to life and tells us HOW we will get to our vision destination.

The CULTURE is all about what it will feel like on our journey.

The PLAN is about defining what we are going to DO next and by when.

The next part of the journey requires us to:

1. Stop - on any journey there need to be places to stop and celebrate how far we have travelled and also do some other important things including:

  • Check our bags for what rations and resources we have.
  • Think about what we need to take on the next part of the journey.
  • Plan a route for the next part of the climb.


2. Start moving upwards in line with the planned route as a family towards a defined next stop point.

3. Be humble and totally reliant on God.

4. Continue to review, reflect and listen to God:

  • Where we are up to?
  • Where we are heading?
  • What is God saying?
  • What are the next steps?


And so here are the next steps....

Joining the adventure

The vision is bigger than one person, it requires a community and it is going to take a huge team effort to see it come to life. For that reason, this vision asks each of us a searching question and it is this: What is your contribution? Maybe you have read this and thought, I could help with that, or it might be that you are not sure what you can bring to the adventure. It really doesn’t matter!

What matters right now is whether you will respond with a “yes” to the call of heaven. God says that you are significant in His purposes on earth today and there are things that He has planned for you to do that carry world changing possibilities. Say “yes” to Him and let’s walk forward together towards being a transformed people who transform the world.