Our Vision is

‘to be a transformed people who transform the world’

The purpose of this page is to help you understand what GodFirst is all about. To do that we have separated it into three key sections. Vision, Strategy and Culture.

The VISION paints a picture of WHERE we are going.

The STRATEGY is the practical way we will bring the vision to life and tells us HOW we will get to our vision destination.

The CULTURE is all about what it will feel like on our journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We trust that you enjoy it and are inspired to get involved with the adventure.

The power of possibilities

Stating our vision upfront can feel very scary. Some might even say that it is presumptuous to write down the things that we are believing God will do in us and through us. But we think we are in good company. Abraham heard the promises of God and faced the facts but

he still believed! The Bible calls that faith and without faith it is impossible to please God. As we receive and experience the perfect love of God that drives out all fear, we can actively respond with believing faith.

For this reason, here at GodFirst we like to think of possibilities’. A possibility is not a plan. A plan is achievable in our own strength, but a possibility is a sketch of a new future that requires faith to believe that the God of the impossible will step in.

What you are about to read are the possibilities that we believe God has asked us to believe Him for.

Our vision

Where we are going


“To be a transformed people who transform the world”

This means that GodFirst will be a church where we encounter God in order to become an encounter for the sake of the world. We will see people saved and developed into transformed disciples who think and live like Jesus and, in turn, transform the community and people around them for good by advancing

the Kingdom of God and bringing heaven to earth wherever they are. This vision is for everyone, every day and everywhere.

We will be a church who passionately love God and the person in front of us. It means we are more than a set of meetings or a programme of events. We believe we are a community of people on earth to bring the Kingdom of God (Jesus’ healing, salvation, freedom and justice) everywhere and every day. We will be a Church that brings the transforming love, power and goodness of our God to the world in ways that transforms our families, workplaces, schools, neighbourhoods, nation and the nations.

A people who are pulsating with the Holy Spirit, devoted to God, the Bible and one another; a church that models friendliness, hospitality and strong family life; a church that sees many people saved and is large, diverse and influential; a community of people that involves, encourages and values everyone and where there is love, laughter, food and fun; a church family who adventure forwards in unity and grow as disciples. The dream is to be a people whose lives shine in the darkness with transforming power.

What can stop a church like this?

Our strategy

Bringing the vision to life

Salvation and Restoration

Advancing the Kingdom of God

The Gospel of the Kingdom will advance through this church and as it does, amongst other things, we will see the poor cared for, hope restored, relationships reconciled, the sick healed, the hungry fed, multitudes set free, the broken restored, the vulnerable protected, and the lost saved. We are believing for salvation and restoration to happen in this region, this nation and the nations.

Shaping Society

Everyone Involved and Influencing Everywhere

We are more than a Sunday programme. The church has been commissioned to transform society. We are God’s ambassadors on earth, citizens of heaven, assigned to bring God’s goodness to everything we touch and thereby influence every sphere of society with the Kingdom of God. As the Father’s sons and daughters, we are architects of change in education, government, religion, healthcare, business, the arts/entertainment, media and family. Nothing is safe from the goodness of God when we are around. We believe the voice of the church must be heard more loudly and clearly alongside our actions having more influence and impact, and we believe everyone, every day, has a role to play everywhere. We can see GodFirst leading on community-transforming initiatives and this church having a national and international voice.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Joining forces for maximum Gospel impact

We will strategically collaborate with other people and agencies to multiply Gospel impact and influence. We

will see opportunities, connections, skills and finances being unlocked for the glory of God by looking to wisely connect and collaborate. There are new ways of working and we will find, utilize and maximise them so that the Kingdom of God advances and God gets more glory.

Training and Resource Hub

Generously Releasing God’s Abundance

GodFirst will be an influential training hub that people connect with for specific input, training, development

and ministry. We see GodFirst having an abundant resource of people and money that can be generously released to other places which speaks of mobility and wider resourcing. We believe God has called us to

carry His glory, model what it means to be shaped

by the message of the Father’s heart and impart this revelation to others. We will be known as a creative and pioneering people who find Kingdom of God solutions.

Media/Social Media

Getting louder

We will skilfully, creatively and powerfully utilise the arts, media, technology and social media to positively impact the world and amplify the powerful impact of the Kingdom of God.

Growth and Expansion

Going Wide

The Kingdom of God is always growing and expanding and therefore we believe that this church will grow wide in both size and influence. We believe God has spoken to us about becoming a large church with significant influence in this region, nation and the nations. We see multi-site expansion, the training and releasing of many leaders and international Gospel impact; an apostolic resource centre that enables and equips people and churches to live for the lost.

Our Kingdom Culture

Every organisation has a culture but most don’t know what that culture is and even fewer stop to think about what they want their culture to become. Here at GodFirst we have intentionally identified the culture we will journey towards.

We will increasingly have a culture of:


Living from approval, not for approval as a child of God.


Fearless Christianity.


Receive, enjoy and release God’s abundance.


Shine with integrity, truth and honesty.


Releasing life by glorifying God and recognising the value in myself and others.

Our aim is to bring something of this Kingdom culture, this atmosphere of heaven to everything we do and everywhere we go.

Joining the adventure

The vision is bigger than one person, it requires a community and it is going to take a huge team effort to see it come to life. For that reason, this vision asks each of us a searching question and it is this: What is your contribution? Maybe you have read this and thought, I could help with that, or it might be that you are not sure what you can bring to the adventure. It really doesn’t matter! What matters right now is whether you will respond with a “yes” to the call of heaven. God says that you are significant in His purposes on earth today and there are things that He has planned for you to do that carry world changing possibilities. Say “yes” to Him and let’s walk forwards together towards being a transformed people who transform the world.