Bereavement Journey

Loss needs to be processed for our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Unresolved grief can also affect our attitudes, relationships and attainment.

The Bereavement Journey® is a place to talk - 7 Sessions of films and discussion for anyone, whether grieving a death now, or wanting to explore a previous bereavement that may be unresolved.  This course is for bereaved adults to do their own grief work.  It is supported by a Guest Manual and facilitated by volunteers.

It is most beneficial to attend at least a few weeks after the death - ideally after the funeral, but this is not essential and The Bereavement Journey can benefit those in anticipatory grief, also pregnancy loss. Attendance is recommended for all the Sessions.

Topics include:

• Attachment, separation and loss
• The pain and responses of grief
• Anger and guilt
• Coping with others’ reactions
• Delayed and suppressed grief
• Adjusting to change
• Moving forward healthily

Faith is reserved for the final, 7th session on Faith Questions in Bereavement, which is optional, making the course suitable for anyone of any faith or none.

The Bereavement Journey is being offered by churches and Christian organisations across the UK and the world.

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