The Gospel (“Good News”):


Jesus is pursuing a relationship with you today. He loves you and wants you to know Him and receive salvation from your sins.


God made us in His image and wanted for us to live in relationship with Him. He is a Holy, perfect God, and He made the world and saw that it was good (Genesis 1:31). 


However, we fell into temptation to sin (Genesis 3), and since then we as a human race have all lived for ourselves and disobeyed God. By doing this we have chosen to live our lives without Him and the relationship He offered us, and our sin results in eternal punishment as the righteous requirement for sin. As a result of sin there is pain and suffering in this world.

What Has God done to save us:

God sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, who lived a perfect life on earth and so that whoever believes in Him may have eternal life (John 3:16). Jesus took the punishment required for our sins on Himself and died on the cross, receiving the judgment we deserved for our sin and enabling us to walk in life with Him. Thankfully the story didn’t end there, as Jesus promised earlier about himself (Matthew 12:40), He really rose to life again after 3 days, and across a 40 day period he had been eye-witnessed by as many as 500 people to be truly risen and alive again (but still with the scars in his hands and feet, and side that he died with on the cross) (John 20:27). By deciding to believe in Jesus and live our lives following Him as our Lord and saviour, we can become saved. His death and resurrection has allowed for us to receive forgiveness and salvation from our sins, and life after death forever. We are enabled to grow closer to God and know Him as our Father (Romans 8:16). We inherit a family of brother and sisters in Jesus our older brother, and are no longer orphans but become Sons and Daughters of God the Father. Jesus didn’t leave us there on or own, He provided a comforter, the Holy Spirit (John 14:26) who is also God (God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), and who helps us in our walk with Jesus and equips us with power from on High to share what He has done with others and spread the Good News (Gospel) across the earth, allowing for others to become followers of Him too (Matthew 28:18).

Your relationship with Him today:

Have you decided to follow Him yet? He provides peace, comfort, strength, new life and forgiveness for ourselves and for others. No one has a friend like Jesus, who is truly God and truly man. Do you know Him? The word of God (in the form of the Bible) says that “All who confess Jesus is Lord with their mouths, and believe in their hearts will be saved (Romans 10:9-10)

Your decision:

He desires for you to walk with Him, receive complete forgiveness forever, and be Fathered by the same Father. Here is how you could know Him today and forever. You may have never prayed before, but you could start this relationship with Him by saying this to God with true sincerity, take your time and know that He is a God who hears your prayers:

Prayer for salvation:
Dear God, Thank you that you love me that you have sent your one and only Son for my life so I can know you personally. I am sorry for my life of sin, my own way of doing. Thank you you for dying on the cross for me, paying the price for my forgiveness and calling me to you and to walk with the Father. Please forgive me for my sins, I choose to believe today in Jesus, make Him my Lord, and knowing that what He’s done by living a complete life without sin and dying on the cross taking my sins with him, and then rising again, is enough for my debt to be paid. Come help me to follow you today and to live this new life with you. Holy Spirit please would you come and fill me, equip me with your power to live a life for God, as well as to share this good news with others, not in my strength but in your own. Today is a new day, and I want to follow after you with everything I am and in all my ways, knowing you’re pursuing me as I do. You are the Lord Jesus and thank you for saving me. 
Your journey from here:
Next steps:
  • Establish - Connect with others in the family of God.
  • Bible - Understand more of who God is and who you are through reading the Bible at or download their free app (links on that site)
  • Share with others - share with someone else today let them know the decision you have made to follow Jesus and share the good news. This is your testimony (your story).