Connect Groups

When Jesus began His ministry the first thing He did was gather around himself a small group of men who would go on to change the world.

 Small groups have always been part of God’s plan! That’s why at GodFirst we believe in the power and importance of small groups within the church family. We call our small groups, ‘Connect groups’ because we want them to be places where friendships can flourish, community can take place and Christian faith can be challenged and grow.

We would love to invite you to explore and discover the small groups that are available here at GodFirst. Please read through the small group information and then contact the leaders and discuss their heart and vision for their groups.

And once you have found the place that is right for you… we gladly invite you to join us.

GodFirst’s amazing connect group leaders are waiting to welcome you.

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  • FAQs

  • How do I join a GodFirst connect group?  

 There are three steps to joining a GodFirst Connect group.  

First, check out the groups available in this brochure, on churchsuit  or on the GodFirst website. Second, find the leader of your chosen connect group and chat with them - make sure it’s the right group for you. Thirdly, sign up via churchsuit or the GF website. Groups are open from September 1st. 

  • How do I get in touch with the connect group leader to ask them about joining their group?  

 Ideally, catch them for a chat on Sunday morning before or after the church service. Or, if you’re a GodFirst member, you can access their contact details via Churchsuite. Alternatively, if you are not a member, please contact Shirley via the office and she will pass your details on to the connect group leader who will then contact you.  

  • Can I join more than one connect group? 

 Belonging to a connect group means that you are going to be committed to that group of people for the duration of the connect group year. If you feel you can genuinely be dedicated to more than one connect group, then please feel free to join more than one group. 

  • What is the sign up process?   

Once you have spoken to the connect group leader whose group you would like to belong to, then you can join your chosen connect group by going to Churchsuite or the GodFirst website.  

From Churchsuite you can access the GodFirst website. On the GodFirst website, click on ‘church life’ at the top of the page and then select ‘Connect Groups’ in the list at the side of the page. Here you will see all the connect groups available.  

Press the sign up button of your chosen group and fill in your details.