Powerhouse is a meeting set up to give us time during the week to gather and worship God, enjoy His presence and learn to hear His voice for ourselves and others in our communities. It has a strong emphasis on prophetic intercession through activations and declarations

How we spend time together

CULTIVATE - God's presence through worship, singing, speaking in tongues, dance, declaration, using scripture as our inspiration. 

IDENTITY -  Know who we are in God as royal children, believing who God says we are.

ENCOURAGE - Encourage one another to step out, contribute and use our gifting, while valuing each other.

AUTHORITY -  Knowing the authority we have to transform the community around us.

AUTHENTICITY - Honest and open with each other. 

Weighing the prophetic at the end of the meeting. Holy Spirit thoughts/words/pictures/scripture/actions to pass on to groups or individuals in the church and our wider communities. 

Who is Powerhouse open to?

Powerhouse is open to anyone who attends GodFirst. If you feel you would like to spend more time worshipping God, resting in His presence and growing your prophetic gifting, why not think about joining us? There is a supportive core Powerhouse team who regularly attend who are there to encourage and inspire you.

When do we meet?

We gather at The Runway at 10.30am on Mondays during term time. See events page for latest information and dates.

What others say about their experience of Powerhouse…

I found Powerhouse to be a great way to get to know people, as I'm quite new to GodFirst. It's full of people who love God, and love one another. It's made up of lots of different kinds of people. Doesn't matter if you're exuberant or shy, noisy or quiet. Everyone has a chance to share and encourage one another.

Doesn't matter if you're exuberant or shy // //

I think of us all as power rangers, kitted out with Gods vibrant armour, everything available to win our battles as we stand in his victory. I love how we tryout in the supernatural it doesn’t always work out how we want but we all stand together and support each other knowing who we are in God and how we can weave God through our lives touching all we meet. We are all on a mission with Jesus leading us forward.

Power Rangers // //

P rayer & Prophecy

O vercoming

W orship & Word

E ncouraging

R eceiving & Releasing

H elping others

O utward looking

U nderstanding who we are

S pirit-led

E xalting Jesus


I think Powerhouse is a place where we can position ourselves to experience the Presence of God and encounter Holy Spirit in significant ways, allowing His transforming power to change everything about our posture; the way we live, think, act and interact with each other. It is an Open Atmosphere where we activate the gifts of the Spirit, particularly Prophecy. As we worship, wait on God and intercede on behalf of the Church and the Nation, so we receive revelation to bring declaration, direction and encouragement and power to heal and break strongholds.

Experience the Presence of God // //

When things got difficult, honestly my first thoughts were to go to Powerhouse. I knew and trusted that you would stand with me and see the situation in God supernatural way.

I joined Powerhouse as a place to serve through interceding for situations that would be brought to Powerhouse for prayer… I knew I’d be praying with warriors who knew that prayer changed things and that excited me…. Of course, I had no beautiful idea how supportive & inspiring Powerhouse would be for myself…

Supportive and inspiring // //