Belonging at GodFirst

What does it mean to belong? 

The ‘belonging journey' is our process of joining the church. During the belonging journey, we have three sessions that will allow you to explore and experience our family and culture and get to know us better here at Godfirst.

Our Belonging Journey

We encourage everyone who is considering belonging at GodFirst to attend BelieveBecome and Discovering Kingdom Culture. Find out more below:

Believe // 3 times a year

Explore what it means to belong at GodFirst. This is open to everybody, even if you’re not sure about faith - you will be so welcome.

Come along and enjoy drinks, pastries, informal chat and get to know one another. Come and meet other new people, key leaders of GodFirst and ask any questions you might have.

Become // 3 times a year

Following on from Believe, we would love to invite you to Become.

Our heart is for everyone to learn to think and live like Jesus. At GodFirst, we understand the importance of creating culture that facilitates a disciple’s growth. Join with us to discover how we do this and what it means to become more like Jesus.

DKC // 2 times a year

What do we mean by The Kingdom of God and what does Kingdom Culture look like? When people encounter you and I, do they taste something of what heaven might be like? We will explore all of this and more at our 3 week Discovering Kingdom Culture course. We want to be people who are learning to think and live like Jesus, expressing heaven on earth so we can transform the world.

Whether you are new to GodFirst, or been around for a long time, you are encouraged to come along. 

Connect Groups

At GodFirst we believe in the power and importance of small groups within the church family. We call our small groups, ‘Connect groups’ because we want them to be places where friendships can flourish, community can take place and Christian faith can be challenged and grow.

We would love to invite you to explore and discover the small groups that are available here at GodFirst.